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- Advanced
  DNA 2™

- Manifestation and

- Intuitiv Anatomy™
- Disease &

- Others

(2-day course)

If you are interested in attending the course or want more information, please contact me.

This is a course that teaches you how to exceed the Law of Attraction!

Prerequisites: BASIC DNA and ADVANCED DNA

You will receive a certificate, a manual and a manifestation CD where Vianna Stibal guides you through the mystery of manifestation.

When using The Law of Attraction, you can expect that you have between a 30-40% chance of manifesting what you want.

However with ThetaHealing you increase your chances from 80-90%!

You perhaps already have been using affirmations and have been very positive, but without noticeable improvements in your life nor reaching your dreams?

The reason for this may have been that you were not aware of the tools you needed to find and remove what has been blocking you on deeper levels: genetic - historical - and spiritual levels. There are very few alternative methods which have knowledge of these levels or effecitive usable tools. This course teaches you how to use these incredibly effective tools.

This is by no means a course for those who want to get rich quickly, but if you want to create your life consciously and learn how to achieve success.

Whether you know it or not, you have always manifested in your life: every word, thought and action is reflected in what you experience in life. If you carry negative thoughts, it results in poor health and imbalance, but with positive thoughts, you achieve the opposite; health and balance. Everything we are experiencing in our lives we have created ourselves - positive and negative ways-regardless if we are aware of this or not. Deep in the subconscious, we bear unsuspectingly, programs and beliefs that can suddenly destroy things for us.

In this course you will learn to find these often, hidden, insidious, amazing program, before their presence have time to destroy your success! For this purpose, you will work with a partner following a format that contains the most common programs that can block our abundance.

- Divine Timing
- Intention and missions
- How to create your future from the seventh plane
- See your future
- Remember Your Future
- Working with manifestation issues together with a partner
- Bless your money


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