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BASIC DNA and ADVANCED DNA with a Certified ThetaHealing teacher.

You will receive a manual and a certificate for this course.

You clean your body of limiting programs and ideas and focus fully on your career as a healer by taking intense healing couse.

This course is for those who really want to work with ThetaHealing and refine your skills and abilities to scan the entire physical body. We go through the physical body thoroughly by viewing movies of each body system. You train your abilities to detect feelings and core belief programs plus you will also receive and provide deep healing on all levels each day, where ancient, stored emotions, drama, trauma and blockages are redeemed.

By working with the Creator, you learn to see the human body as the wonderful complex physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wonder it is, and skills that can alter in depth, down to the cellular level.

Each day you practice scanning the different body systems and communicate with the organs and free them from the negative programs they have been storing. We study each body system and the belief programs that are closely associated with them, and how they are related to various physical illnesses.

You strengthen your abilities to watch when the Creator heals disorders and imbalances and intuitively guides you through various steps to support the healing of the body. You also improve your own intuitive and healing abilities significantly during this course while you practice each day with a partner.

You learn how feelings create illness and how emotions are a way for your body to get you to listen to it and the space where it takes up negative emotions into your body. Exercises of seeing into the body and scanning it.

The more convictions you dispose of and release, make you a clearer channel for communication with the Creator, and makes it easier for you to work with clients.

Daily content:

Day 1. Atoms and microorganisms. Acid-base balance
Day 2. The skeleton
Day 3 Glands
Day 4. Digestion
Day 5. The Breathing apparatus
Day 6 & 7. The heart - and the circulatory system
Day 8 Excretion - and genitals
Day 9 Muscles
Day 10 The Nervous System
Day 11 The skin
Day 12 Eyes
Day 13 Brain
Day 14. Ears
Day 15 The body as a whole


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