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Welcome to Lena Dellborg's ThetaHealing Sweden's magical world of endless opportunities for you to change your life in depth. I provide individual sessions, treatments in Swedish, French and English on the phone and on the computer - regardless of where you are.

What is Thetahealing?

HEALING OF THE SOUL! Theta means soul. A Worldwide Healing Method for serious professionals who represent ThetaHealing in different countries.

In ThetaHealing, we work with physical, mental and emotion as well inherited constraints, but the technique does more than this! The method can be used in countless areas of life for us to take us to joy, change and development.

Outstanding for Theta instructors is that we know therapy, coaching, healing and teaching in personal and spiritual development and are able to help people individually or in groups to feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and create their lives consciously, with our life goals .. .

What is it that is so unique with Thetahealing?

ThetaHealing is a natural, lightning quick cutting edge solution to addressing the root of NEGATIVE CONVICTIONS which create an imbalance, and then transform them to achieve physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual health ... CREATE YOUR LIFE CONSCIOUSLY AND BE THE MASTER OF YOUR DESTINY!

DEFINITION OF A BELIEF = A decision accepted by the Mental Body, after an experience of something good or bad, that have the same behavior in the future as in the past to relive what was good and protect themselves from what was bad.

"Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny"
Of Mahatma Gandhi


The foundation for good health, loving yourself, taking and giving love, feeling joy. More information soon.

Theta Healing - is faster and more effective than hypnosis therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy. What Healing has in common with the new biology, recent DNA findings, quantum physics, energy field interaction. More information soon.

Do you know how your ancestors’ and mankind's past, their legacy, affect you? Would you like to change this? More information soon.

Our thoughts and beliefs affect DNA. We use this in ThetaHealing and can change genetic defects. Previous hypotheses about how DNA works, do not agree with the latest scientific findings. Read more about the changes of DNA, deletion of the aging program plus more. More information soon.

Learn more about working through grief, and how we release Trauma, READ MORE >>

Healing of your soul's way of life - Become the person you came here to be and do what you have come here to do? READ MORE >>

Have you had reoccuring sleeping problems? Then you should know that it is very common and is often due to being haunted from previous lives. There is help for releasing those memories and regaining a natural sleep. More information soon.

Have you had trouble getting a permanent job, lost your job repeatedly, attracting negative bosses or colleagues? Then you might be ready for the coaching job that is worthy of the name. I'll help you get to the bottom of this incomprehensible destructive pattern. More information soon.

Are you alone in life or do you doubt that you are with the right partner? I can help you get the bottom of this: Clear the past relationships, check if you really want a partner, heal your heart, find out what the difficulties really are, learn the feelings you need to move on, etc. It is very common that someone is still unconscious locked in past relationships. Your subconscious mind can believe that you are still dating your x! READ MORE >>


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