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The best way to transform your life is through a personal ThetaHealing consultation.

I, Lena Dellborg, offer you this in person.


I have worked with individual consultations and treatment since 1999 and have helped many to take controll over their life, become happier and plan ahead.

I receive information about you and your situation, whether we are in the same room or not, we can talk and still be physically distant from one another! I do a general check of your energy field and I connect myself up to you and your body and thus, receive the information I need to help you here and now.

We assume in ThetaHealing, that everything that happens in our lives is related to the ideas and beliefs that exist in the subconscious. Consciously, we understand and know max. 10% why we act, think and feel in a certain way in any given situation, but in the subconscious, which corresponds to the remaining 90% - and where most of the thoughts are dozing in obscurity, we may have opposing desires!

This means that you may consciously want to make money, be successful or healthy, get yourself a partner, but are subconsciously afraid of this and perhaps are sabotaging your conscious efforts to what you want!

It is because of this imbalance between the two senses that it is so difficult to make changes by using only affirmations, positive programs and practices, or just use methods which process the conscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors we have. We are fighting an uneven battle against an unknown enemy! And the enemy is within us!

My goal during the consultation is to find the beliefs, the "enemies" that prevents you from being, or doing what you want with your life. Then I alter these non-useful beliefs INSTANTLY and replace them with positive beliefs that allow you to live and have the life you consciously want. (See the comparison with the computer and the Internet's function at the bottom of BASIC DNA-page)

What should I do before my consultation?

Make sure that you have plenty of time both before and after the consultation. It is your responsibility to ensure that lack of time on your part will not prejudice the outcome of treatment.

Naturally you are contacting me because you have a specific area, situation you want help with. Your meeting with me is tailored to that need. Therefore be clear about what you would like help with and what you want to change in your life before our meeting. You may have prepared several problem areas, but make sure you know which is your first priority.

A day or two before the meeting, make sure to drink enough fluids so that the body's fluid balance is at its peak. During our meeting, most of the time, you will be sitting comfortably. I will ask you to muscle test the beliefs I receive during the consultation. Before our meeting I will explain to you how this works over the phone. Make sure you are not disturbed during our meeting and that you have access to a carafe of water and a water glass.

What should I do as a client during the consultation?

I do a general scan of your energy field and I connect myself up to you and your body and thus receive the information your body wants to give me to help you here and now. Then we work together to find the underlying software, beliefs that created the problem. For example when there is a physical problem, the affected part of the body holds the beliefs and feelings we need to work with.

The area you want help with can be as widely divergent as to get financial flow, have increased self-confidence, have a functioning relationship, make you ready to attract your most suitable soul mate, find a business partner or achieve physical health.

How many consultations will I need?

Contact me for more information.

The advantage with a Skype or telephone consultation. You do not need to travel, you feel secure in your environment. You save time. You pay in advance and do not have to think about the payment during the meeting.

How long does a consultation?

Ca 60 min.

Booking a consultation

By contacting me, Lena, by phone, or by sending me an email. See the information in the right margin. Before your first consultation, I would like to talk with you briefly on the phone.

For general conditions on booking a time, payment, cancellation, etc.; read more>>

Muscle testing

The Key for ThetaHealingen is finding beliefs, private truths and remove those that do not help you, but rather hinders you and make it difficult for you to reach your goals. By using muscle testing, we find out if you actually are carrying certain beliefs, in the subconscious. It does not mean that they are the TRUTH! However, they are YOUR PRIVATE TRUTH.

On the one hand, when you say a statement and your subconscious believe it is true, you will muscles test strong. When on the other hand you say something that your subconscious believes is a falsehood, a lie, not true, you will muscles test weak!

Thanks to this relationship with the subconscious mind, we can check, test if a person believes in a particular claim or not. We use a few different ways to test this in ThetaHealing.

Before a muscle testing, it is best that you have been drinking fluids. During our meeting, by telephone, or Skype, I will ask you to stand up, turn to the north and to be relaxed, stand up straight, with your knees slightly bent and find a “neutral stance”, where you can just as easily tilt forward as backward.

To check that your energy field is strong, I ask you to "close the zipper on the front of the body" it is a movement where you imagine that you pull up the zipper on your jacket or coat - with your palm facing you. The zipper begins at your feet and you make a sweeping motion up over your head with one hand. Then you return the hand, along the of side your body.

It is fine to move one foot, as soon as you feel you are out of balance and know where the answer was - an inclination forward = yes or backwards = no.

Now it is time to test a claim. Start by saying out loud something that is true, for example. "My name" (say your name here), or you can just say 'Yes, yes yes ". While you relax the upper body and let it wobble as it knows that it wants. It will wobble ahead if you have done right. Then you can test a couple of other claims that you know are true: "I am a man / woman"; "I live on" (fill in your street address), until you know, are aware that you really are moving forward!

Then it's time to try a no answer: say, "No, no, no" - or: "My name is ..." (Followed by an incorrect first name, for example, a boy's name if you are a woman and a female name if you are male). Just as with the yes-answer test, you need to test a few falsehoods as well, so that your body learns how to move for the two responses, and so that you learn to feel the difference in the responses.

Does it work? If it seems difficult, you may need to teach your body by helping it to tilt forward for a yes-response and back for a no-response. Good luck!


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