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BASIC DNA 2 (3 day course)

If you are interested in attending the course or want more information, please contact me.

This is the first of several courses in ThetaHealing you can learn.

You will receive a certificate, a manual and the ThetaHealing book written by Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing.

This course provides the basic tools to work as a ThetaHealing practitioner.

NOTE: You also need to take the ADVANCED DNA course to really be able to use all the tools you have learned to really be ready to be a practitioner.

In ThetaHealing, we quickly get to the bottom of our programs through searching for our core beliefs or original blockages, which could take years to uncover with traditional psychotherapy.

You get the knowledge of and time to train the different basic techniques that are ThetaHealing, mainly with a partner but also through self-healing.

During the course the main focus is on doing exercises to learn how to find and change life patterns that you carry and keep on four different levels: this life, your ancestor’s lives, past lives and soul levels through conditioned responses of attitudes, behaviors and beliefs, that you either have created yourself, or unconsciously have been conditioned to accept or receive through others.

It is unique within all methods, alternative or traditional, to work with all of the different levels of awareness. In ThetaHealing, we always work with the four levels of consciousness. (Read more about them below.) ThetaHealing is faster and more effective than hypnosis therapy when working with blockages.

DEFINITION OF A BELIEF = A decision accepted by the Mental Body, after an experience of something good or bad, that have the same behavior in the future as in the past to relive what was good and protect themselves from what was bad.

The most basic tools: Connecting yourself up with the Creator and being in the theta state, Reading and healing of a body; Working on Core Beliefs on four levels; Emotional Work; Muscle Testing and DNA activation.

Education in ThetaHealing is suitable for everyone from children to adults, for personal use, for family and friends, as well as for those who want to invest in themself and develop themself, raise their consciousness and create a more conscious life. For you as a therapist: ThetaHealing is also good as a complement. You can as a practitioner, therapist, work only with ThetaHealing. (In regards to children, read about Rainabow Children Courses)

The amazing method that is relatively unique to Thetahealing, is namely, to contact and communicate with the Creator, Universal energy (or whatever name you use to describe the energy, which is everywhere) to be able to quickly find and remove negative beliefs and download new positive feelings and experiences and to communicate with the Creator for advice during the healing and to create your life consciously. (Read more about this with the tab ThetaHealing.)

More exercises:
- Reading / scanning of the human body
- Genetic work
- Energy Divorce: so that you will be free from the ties that bind you to ex-partners. Perhaps it is that tie that prevents you from not finding a new partner?
- The 7 planes of existence: discover the advantages of starting from the seventh plane of existence in your healing and what exists on the lower planes.
- Communication with guardian angels
- Manifestation
- Future Readings
- Group Healing
- Activation of your 12 strands of DNA, including your Youth - and Vitality chromosomes. The Aging program is erased and replaced by the Regeneration Program.
- You balance your serotonin and norepinephrine – as well as hormone levels
- Heavy metals and radioactive material is pulled out
- All you need to know about soulmates
- You send earthbound souls to the light
- Implants
- Instructions on how to in cooperation with the Creator witness the healing of a number of diseases
- Feelings which draw to us viruses, bacteria or fungi.
- Plus even more exercises.


- Core level - what you have with you in your backpack from this life, that is to say what you have experienced yourself, or copied, or were influenced about by others;
- Genetic level - it is your ancestors' experiences, culture, attitudes, etc. that you received as a birthday present;
- Historical level - impact from past lives or group consciousness;
- Soul level - the beliefs or programs that affect you most profoundly in your daily life.

The best metaphor to help you to understand how to work with your beliefs is to compare how you can delete text and programs from your computer and then to download newer, more positive programs from the Internet.

In ThetaHealing we delete unwanted original blockages and replace them with more positive, more desirable programs, which support our desired improvement, or the achievement of our life goals.


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